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23 Nov 2012

Where are the black holes in the Windows Store?

Windows 8 has been around for a few weeks now and there is definitely a buzz about the developer community as everyone assesses whether they are going to put time and effort into developing for the new platform.

It is a bit of a "wait and see" game. We all know the pros and cons of the platform, and we all have our own opinions on whether Windows 8 will be along-term success for Microsoft or not, but the critical factor is often whether other people are developing for it.

At the original announcement, Microsoft also paraded a few key apps. And since the launch, numbers have been growing healthily. But there are still some noticeable absentees too. And since this is what many of us are concerned about, we thought we would give you a quick visual summary of the gaps in the Windows Store that need filling.

Take a look at our Windows Store Black Holes infographic below. Hope you find it useful. 

Download the Infographic here

What's your take?