The leading in-app monetization solution for Android

You only need 1 in-app purchasing API

The fragmentation of Android app stores has resulted in multiple in-app purchasing APIs. Hence, learning and integrating with each individual API can be extremely time consuming. Lotaris in-appCommerce gives you a better deal because, with a single integration, you can:

Why you will love using Lotaris in-appCommerce

Keep a Higher Revenue Share

Lotaris in-appCommerce operates a store independent checkout service which charges 15%* revenue share, compared to the Google Play checkout service which charges 30%. You can keep more of the money you earn while distributing your app via multiple top tier Android app stores like Google Play (where policy allows), Opera, SlideME and Appland that allow developers to use store independent checkout services. 

The store independent checkout services currently supports multiple payment methods including Credit Cards, PayPal, Mobile Operator Billing across 80 countries and very soon, Alipay (China) and MOLpoints (South East Asia)

Get started now and keep 100%* of your sales revenue for the first 90 days (or 1,000 transactions, whichever comes first) after activation of your account.

*Applies only when consumer purchases via Credit Card or PayPal

One in-app purchasing API to rule them all

Starting with Google Play in mid-November, Lotaris in-appCommerce will be integrated with the checkout services of major app stores. By using Lotaris in-appCommerce you now have an easy way to develop your apps and games so that one API will work with the checkout services of all the stores and automatically use the correct in-app purchase API for each store.

Multiple business models to choose from

Lotaris in-appCommerce allows you to monetize your Android app via a range of business models, which far surpasses what stores like Google Play can provide for, increasing flexibility and convenience while you develop your app

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Distribute your app on multiple stores

Given that you have already spent a great amount of time and effort developing your app, why restrict yourself to publishing only on the Google Play store. Lotaris’ partner, CodeNgo provides you with a service which allows you to expand your distribution reach by publishing on more than 20 Android app stores with one account.

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